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Ten Kawaii Products to Brighten Your Bujo + Exclusive Discount Code {ad}

10 Kawaii Products to Brighten Your Bujo
10 Kawaii Products to Brighten Your Bujo

I absolutely love cute animes, especially Sailor Moon, Little Witch Academia, and Studio Ghibli movies. When Kawaii Lands reached out to me about being an affiliate for their adorable products, I jumped at the chance. It makes me so happy that they combine my love of all things kawaii with planner and bujo supplies!  Here’s a Top 10 list of my favorite products that I’m currently coveting:

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase products from these links, I may earn a small commission or earn free/discounted products at no extra cost to you.  To read my full disclosure statement, click here.

1.) Kawaii Totoro Plush Pencil Case

Totoro Pencil Case
My oldest would also love this pencil case- he loves My Neighbor Totoro! Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

My Neighbor Totoro has a special place in my heart. When my oldest was only 4 months old, I had that movie on while I was holding him and for the first time, he reacted to something I was watching. He beamed the most beautiful baby smile when Totoro appeared on the screen and when he was teething, he loved it when I’d sing him the theme song. Now that he’s older, he loves to play pretend hunting for soot sprites and looking for Totoro up in trees. I love the peaceful, magical nature of the movie, and I’m so excited about accessorizing my planner materials with this case!

2.) Kaonashi No Face Gel Ink Pen 8-Pack

No Face Kawaii Lands pens
The different No Faces are so cute! Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, you’ll love these No Face gel pens! I think the character of No Face was so well done in the movie and his design is great. He’s a happy medium between creepy and cute. I especially love the left-most pen where he’s holding up the heart.

3.) Japanese Totoro Gel Ink Pen

My Neighbor Totoro Pens from Kawaii Lands
I couldn’t resist these Totoro Pens. Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

Well, I had to buy the Totoro holding the umbrella pen to go with my new pencil case. I mean, look how happy it is! All of them are so cheerful. I think the Totoro holding up the No Face mask is also a cute touch.

4.) Superheroes Kids Gel Ink Pen 3-Pack

Super hero pens from Kawaii Lands
The grumpy Batman makes me laugh.Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

If superheroes are more your style than anime, these pens are a perfect fit! My family is big into superheroes (in fact, my husband co-owns a comic book store) and we make a point of watching all of the superhero movies when they come out to theaters.

5.) Kawaii Black Cat Gel Ink Pen

Cat Pens from Kawaii Lands
The one with the surprised eyes is my favorite. Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

There was a time when I was not a cat person, but then I met my husband and his two cats.  Spam and Princess immediately converted me into a cat person, and I haven’t looked back since!

6.) JIANWU Kawaii kitten Tail Mechanical Pencil 6-Pack

Cat pencils from Kawaii Lands
I couldn’t resist their expressions. Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

I know, more cats. But look at them! Their little tails and faces make me smile. This six-pack of mechanical pencils is perfect for any cat lover.

7.) Zebra Midliner Double-Sided Highlighter 5-Pack

Zebra Midliner Double Sided Highlighter 5-Pack
Look at all the color possibilities! Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

I couldn’t add these highlighters to my cart fast enough! I’m very excited to make some cute layouts with these colors.

8.) Northern Light Washi Tape

Northern Lights Washi Tape from Kawaii Lands
These colors remind me of Sailor Moon’s palette. Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

Washi tape is my favorite accessory for my bujo pages. This one caught my eye because of its beautiful colors and serene design. It went in my shopping cart, too.

9.) Flamingo Love Washi Tape

Flamingo washi tape from Kawaii Lands
I have used this washi tape so many times in my listers journal. I love it! Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

I have an affinity for flamingos. I saw a Pin on Pinterest a few years ago that said, “Majestically Awkward” with a picture of a flamingo attached and it resonated with me. My husband surprised me last Mother’s Day with a beautiful metal sculpture of a flamingo for our yard because he knows how happy they make me.

10.) Lovely Japanese Sketchbook 6-Colors

Studio Ghibli Sketchbooks from Kawaii Lands
These covers are gorgeous! Photo credit: Kawaii Lands

These Studio Ghibli-themed sketchbooks are beautiful. It makes me happy to see one of my favorite films, Howl’s Moving Castle, on one of the covers. Of course, I love the My Neighbor Totoro one, too!

Special Discount Code for You!

Kawaii Lands generously gave me an exclusive promo code, simply10, for my readers to use for 10% off their purchases. Just type it in at check out, or you can use my link, here. Bonus: they offer free international shipping! The products I showcased in this post are a small sample of all the cute items available at Kawaii Lands, so make sure to visit their site!

Kawaii Stationery
Make sure to use my discount code simply10 at checkout!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase products from these links, I may earn a small commission or earn free/discounted products at no extra cost to you.  To read my full disclosure statement, click here.

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