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How to Use Your Bullet Journal for Self-Care: Personal Care


Personal Care
How to Use Your Bujo for Self-Care

Are you making the most out of your bullet journal? One of the best parts of keeping a bujo is that you can easily use it as a tool for self-care. The #BulletJournalChallenge announced on is the perfect way to find inspiration for all the ways you can use a bujo for self-care. The details of the challenge are here.

Since I’m participating in the challenge, I was inspired to write a series about it. For the next eight weeks, I’ll go in-depth about the different aspects of self-care you can make pages for in your bujo. This week’s topic is personal care, which includes:

  • Journaling as self-care
  • What you enjoy doing for your “me time”
  • Ways to treat yourself
  • Creating lists for ways to turn around a bad day, morning/evening routines, and other self-care related lists.

Ways You Can Use Your Bujo for Personal Care


My favorite way to use my bujo for self-care is the journaling section of my traveler’s notebook.  Sometimes, I’ll decorate the pages, but this space is supposed to be for my benefit, so if I only want to write, I’ll use the pages either for a brain-dump or a regular journal entry.  If I’m feeling stuck or looking for inspiration, I use a journaling prompt.

Personal Care pages
Here’s my insert for journal entries in my traveler’s notebook.


Another way you can use your bujo for personal care is to keep lists. Some people like to make lists of things to do when they’re having a bad day, morning routines, evening routines, or even things that make them happy. I find that having a list of things I’d like to do on an ideal day off not only gives me something fun to daydream about but when I do have a rare day to myself, I already have an idea of what I’d like to do. I don’t waste any time figuring how I want to spend the day, only to have it end before I could make the most of it.

Personal Care
I started a separate journal in July 2017 for self-care. This is one of my favorite list pages.

Habit Trackers

Finally, another way to use your bujo for personal care is to use your habit tracker to keep up with your self-care habits.  I talk about habit trackers more in this post here. Currently, all of my habits I’m tracking relate to self-care. One of the things I’m tracking this week is making sure that I journal. If I don’t plan on time to journal or keep track when I do it, it becomes easy to let it slide. If I’m not keeping up with my morning pages, I also include a  spot in my habit tracker for doing those as well.

Personal Care
My weekly habit tracker isn’t elaborate, but it’s effective. I like having my weekly tracker on the same page as the layout so that I can see everything at a glance.

The #BulletJournalChallenge Series

If you’re interested in participating in the challenge, I’ve listed each week’s topic here:

If you’re on Instagram, make sure you follow the hashtag #BulletJournalChallenge for inspiration! Also, if you’re reading this long after the challenge is over, I encourage you to do the challenge anyway.  Self-care is so important to your overall well-being, and it’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself.

More Tools to Use Your Bujo for Personal Care

If you’re looking for more inspiration for using your bujo for self-care, sign up for my email list to receive free journaling prompts and printable quotes for your bujo. I’ll be adding more freebies, so check your inbox for updates!


How do you use your bujo for personal care? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!

Personal Care
How to Use Your Bujo for Self-Care: Personal Care
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Click here to subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free copy of the first story in my sci-fi fantasy serial, Strange Happenings.
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  1. Your journal is so artistic. Mine looks quite different but I do love it. It keeps me on track and dialed in.

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