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Strange Happenings

The covers of the first five stories of my serial, Strange Happenings.

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Strange Happenings is a series of short stories set in an alternate timeline, where science and the unknown mix. Much like a penny dreadful, each story is meant to be enjoyed in a single sitting. You can find it at most online retailers here, including Apple Books, Google Play Books Kindle, Kobo, and as a special bundle on DriveThruFiction. It’s also available through many libraries via Overdrive.

On Halloween, I did a live reading from an extract of The Assistant for the Gothic Day of Creation author showcase. It’s the fourth in my sci-fi fantasy serial, Strange Happenings. It’s up on YouTube now, and you can watch it here.

Something Happened on the Way to the World's Fair: A Strange Happenings Short Story by Kelsey Josephson cover
Something Happened on the Way to the World’s Fair: A Strange Happenings Short Story

The year is 1893. Rosie Weston, fireman, is working on an overnight passenger train to the World’s Fair. Her routine shift has turned into a nightmare, beginning with a peculiar trunk in the baggage car. Worse, a passenger has gone missing. Can Rosie discover the truth behind the cargo before more passengers go missing?

Something Happened on the Way to the World’s Fair is the first installment of Strange Happenings.

Read it here.

The Blood is Life: A Strange Happenings Short Story

Rosie and her new companion have made it to the World’s Fair, but their luck is running out. Low on funds, morale, and time, they’re desperate for help. Attending the exposition was once Rosie’s dream, but a tragic incident threatens everything she knows. Faced with an impossible choice, she’s in the fight of her life.

The Blood is Life is the second installment of Strange Happenings.

Read it here.

The Living Metal Man: A Strange Happenings Short Story

The 1893 World’s Fair isn’t everything it appears to be. Parts of it are still under construction, but Rosie Weston doesn’t mind. For the first time in days, no one is trying to kill her. She is finally enjoying the exposition, but when she learns the truth behind the Living Metal Man exhibit, she feels compelled to act. Can Rosie protect the inventor’s secret before Edison’s men find out?

The Living Metal Man is the third installment of Strange Happenings.

Read it here.

The Assistant: A Strange Happenings Short Story

Time is running out for Constance. Soon, she will age out of the orphanage where she has lived since infancy. When an encounter with Dr. Prendergast gives her the opportunity to not only have a home, but a purpose, Constance eagerly agrees to become her assistant. Over time, she learns there’s a dark undercurrent to the doctor’s benevolence.

Set twenty-two years before the events of Something Happened on the Way to the World’s FairThe Assistant offers a haunting glimpse into Dr. Prendergast’s past.

Read it here.

The Resurrection Experiment: A Strange Happenings Short Story

It has been nearly four months since Rosie and Lucille helped Dr. Evelyn Mendel and the Living Metal Man escape the clutches of Edison’s men. Finding themselves unexpectedly furloughed as tensions mount over labor disputes at the railroad company, our heroines return to the World’s Fair. The International Electrical Congress is in session, and Rosie hopes to see Nikola Tesla at his demonstration. Unfortunately, outside forces are closing in, threatening to separate Lucille and Rosie forever.

The Resurrection Experiment is the fifth installment of the Strange Happenings serial and the final chapter in the World’s Fair storyline.

Read it here.

Click here to read the complete World’s Fair story arc!

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Coming soon: Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast

Cover of Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast.
Cover for Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast

A bookish strongwoman longs for freedom and adventure.

A beast searches for answers and a cure.

Together, they’ll take back their lives and break man-made curses.

After her own father sells her to the unscrupulous Ringmaster, Belle thinks she’ll spend the rest of her days performing cheap stunts while the Nuzaran masses gawk at her ether-poisoned body. A chance encounter with a beast by her solitary campfire changes everything. Can they find liberation or will the past consume them both?

Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast is a steampunk fairytale retelling, filled with mad science, airships, and magical tech! It will be released as 600-5,000 word episodes on both my Patreon (coming soon) and the brand new Kindle Vella when it launches.